November 7, 2021

Why You Should Plan a Winter Visit to The Dwellings

The Dwellings

Winter is often seen as the off-season in Southern Utah. But while the season might draw fewer crowds, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a great time to visit.

Temperatures in the mid-50s and 60s (Fahrenheit) and fewer visitors make for some great hiking. The occasional snowfall turns the region into a beautiful winter wonderland. And discounts on your stay at The Dwellings mean that you’ll have more money to spend on food, activities, and souvenirs during your visit.

If you’re looking to enjoy a more comfortable outdoor adventure, take in some holiday festivities, or even just want to plan a relaxing weekend away before the rush of the Christmas season, keep reading. We’re breaking down why you should definitely plan a winter visit to The Dwellings.

Cooler Temperatures and Fewer Crowds

Summer may be the most popular time to visit Southern Utah. But while long days and plenty of sunshine might mean more time on the trails each day, this doesn’t necessarily make it the best time to plan a visit.

Besides the sunshine, summer also brings high temperatures to the region. It’s not unusual for temperatures to reach the triple digits, which can turn a fun day of hiking into a dangerous situation.

Summer also brings crowds to popular destinations in Southern Utah, and particularly to Zion. In both June and July, more than 500,000 people make their way into the park, with nearly the same number visiting in August. 

Winter offers a respite from both the crowds and the temperatures. Compared to June and July, just 200,000 visitors enter Zion in November and less than 140,000 visit in December. By January, the monthly visitor number dips below 100,000, marking the least-busy month for the popular park.

Temperatures drop during the winter, too, but are warmer than you might think. While the canyon does get snowfall, the daily average temperature throughout the winter months is often in the 50s (Fahrenheit). This makes for a great time to enjoy even more rugged hikes, with a few layers to keep you warm.

The Chance to Experience a Winter Wonderland in Zion National Park

While daily highs are often in the 50s, or even as high as the 60s, snow does occur from time to time in Southern Utah. Half of the annual precipitation falls during the winter months (from December to March) each year.

But if you are lucky enough to visit when there’s snowfall, head to Zion Canyon. Zion National Park becomes a sparkling winter wonderland following fresh snow. This is a great chance to experience the park in a way that few visitors ever get to. Bring your camera, and snap your photos quickly; the snow doesn’t stick around for long and could melt by mid-day or by the following day.

Enjoy Holiday Activities

If you’re planning a winter visit ahead of the holidays, you’ll have plenty of ways to celebrate the season during your trip.

Nearby Hurricane, St. George, and Springdale all offer fun and unique holiday activities that your whole family can enjoy together. 

Take a walk through the holiday light display at the Red Hills Desert Garden in St. George, Utah. Shop for holiday gifts and sip cocoa at the St. George Christmas Village. Check out the decorated trees of the Christmas Tree Festival in Hurricane.

The Dickens’ Christmas Festival is another unique holiday activity. The London of the 19th century comes alive in Southern Utah. Stroll through Olde English shops, chat with characters dressed in elaborate period costumes, sample tasty holiday treats, and more.

You can also start your holiday shopping or pick up some unique souvenirs at the many stores and art galleries in Springdale, Utah, just outside of Zion’s South Gate.

Enjoy a Discount on Your Stay

Want to save some money on your Southern Utah adventure? When you plan a stay in November, you can take advantage of The Dwellings’ Hike & Bike Promo!

Stay 2 or more consecutive nights during the month of November, and you’ll receive 20% off of your stay. This is a simple way to save some money ahead of the holiday season. Or, put the money that you saved towards a fun activity during your visit, like an off-road adventure or some souvenir shopping.

Whether you plan to spend your trip hiking and exploring or want to relax and unwind in your cozy tiny home rental, The Dwellings is the perfect basecamp for your winter trip.

Planning a Winter Visit to The Dwellings

Whether you’re looking to beat the heat, avoid the crowds, or simply want to get away and relax around the holiday season, winter is a great time to visit The Dwellings and Southern Utah.

And with our Hike & Bike Promo, you can save money on your stay at The Dwellings. Take advantage of the discount and book your November stay today!

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