October 22, 2021

Our Favorite Mountain Biking Trails in Utah

The Dwellings

While a stunning hike or two in Zion National Park is a must during your first visit to Southern Utah, it’s far from the only way to explore the region.

A scenic drive or an evening of stargazing are two great, relaxing ways to experience Southern Utah. But if you’re looking for something a little more exciting, and a bit more challenging, mountain biking is another good choice.

Southern Utah’s diverse landscapes make for some incredible and unique spots for hiking the trails on two wheels. Whether you’re an experienced rider or new to the sport, there’s a trail or two waiting for you. Keep reading to learn where to find some of the best.

Lava Flow in Cedar City

North of Hurricane and St. George, Utah is Cedar City. Best known for its proximity to Brian Head, one of Southern Utah’s ski resort areas, Cedar City is an outdoor adventure paradise.

The Lava Flow mountain bike trail is a part of the Iron Hills Trails System. It’s a downhill flow trail that features a variety of jumps, drops, and other obstacles to explore. The landscape is full of vegetation, offering a nice alternative to desert trails, as well as some shade that you’ll welcome in the summer heat.

Over the course of just 1.8 miles, you’ll drop an elevation of more than 500 feet, so this trail might not be a safe choice for beginners.

Gooseberry Mesa in Hurricane

If you’re looking for great trails with some truly incredible views, head to this next mountain biking destination. Located in Hurricane in Southern Utah, Gooseberry Mesa offers stunning views of Zion National Park. 

There are over 30 miles of networked singletrack in the park. The trails are better suited to moderate to advanced riders, with some of the trails featuring double-black-diamond sections that are best for experienced riders.

Keep in mind that temperatures can climb to triple digits during the day in the middle of the summer, and Gooseberry Mesa offers little in the way of shade. If you have the right gear, a night ride might be a better choice in the summer. Otherwise, plan a visit in the spring or fall instead.

Bearclaw Poppy in St. George

This popular trail is located in St. George, Utah. Bearclaw Poppy is the only true beginner trail in the city, but riders of all experience levels will enjoy the beautiful trail and obstacles. This trail was carefully designed with fun in mind. For that reason, it forms a figure-eight shape, and also allows riders to go uphill on one side and downhill on the other.

There is actually a maze of trails and routes to choose from, but the layout ensures that you’ll get to the end no matter which way you go. Keep in mind that this trail may get busy on nice days, particularly in the summer. This trail, like many mountain biking trails, will get muddy and slick after rain, so avoid it following a rain shower.

This mountain biking trail is actually named for a very rare flower that blooms in the area. The trail was created in part as an effort to preserve the flower, so be sure to stay on the trails to avoid disturbing local plant life.

Brian Head Bike Park in Brian Head

If you’re looking for a heart-pounding off-road adventure and a chance to test your skills, head to Brian Head Bike Park in Brian Head, Utah. The park features hundreds of miles of backcountry, scenic trails, as well as technical single-track trails. It’s the largest bike park in the state.

There are even bike lifts in the park that you can use to safely carry your bike to the top of the elevation. The bike park features trails for all experience levels, from brand new beginners to advanced riders, and everything in between.

Many of the mountain bike trails in the park cross the ski and snowboarding trails that excite adventurers all winter long. Hit the trails on two wheels in the summer, then come back for a winter adventure on the same trails during the winter months!

Planning a Mountain Bike Adventure in Southern Utah

Whether you’re an experienced rider or looking to try the sport for the first time, mountain biking is another great way to explore Southern Utah’s beautiful and unique landscapes. 

When you stay at The Dwellings, you’ll find yourself in the center of the mountain biking action. St. George and Hurricane are both just a short drive away, while Cedar City is just under an hour’s drive away, and Brian Head is about an hour and 15 minutes away.

Book your stay at The Dwellings today and get ready to experience the beauty of Southern Utah on two wheels!

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