July 31, 2021

5 Reasons to Take Your Kids on an Outdoor Adventure at The Dwellings This Year

The Dwellings

Whether you have little ones who still find wonder around every corner or your kids are teens who are more likely to get excited about good WiFi access, finding a vacation your whole family can enjoy together can be a challenge.

But if you’re trying to decide where to take your family on a getaway this year, there’s a simple solution that every family can enjoy; an outdoor adventure. The benefits of getting back to nature and disconnecting for a few days together are endless. And if you choose the right adventure, it won’t matter if you and your kids aren’t the “roughing it” type. Keep reading to learn a few reasons to take your kids on an outdoor adventure in Southern Utah this year.

1. Spending Time Outdoors is Good For Our Health

If you’ve ever taken a relaxing stroll outdoors on a sunny day or even just sat in your backyard after a long day, you know how restorative time outdoors can be. But the health benefits go beyond just a mood boost. Studies show that spending time outside improves our memory, helps us fight depression, lowers our cancer risk, and can even drop our blood pressure.

But it isn’t just adults who enjoy health benefits. Spending time outdoors inspires our childrens’ imaginations, builds confidence, and helps encourage physical health.  

2. It’s a Great Opportunity to Disconnect

From the smartphone in your pocket to your work laptop to your tablet with the latest sports stats or news, most of us are constantly connected to the web. And if you choose a beach vacation or opt to explore a new city, the temptation to stay over-connected during your trip is going to be much stronger. This means less time spent enjoying your family’s company and experiencing what’s going on off-screen.

You will enjoy Wi-Fi access in your tiny home rental at The Dwellings. But the surrounding state and national parks and countless wildlife and conservation areas beckon you to leave it behind. With cell phone reception often spotty in the parks, you’ll find yourself disconnecting while you enjoy your choice of outdoor experiences. Whether you prefer to hike, go off-roading, or even just take a scenic drive, Southern Utah is practically begging you to put down your phone and take it all in.

3. Everything Your Family Needs in One Place

While they may be tiny homes, our rentals offer everything your family needs to unwind and relax after a day of exploring. Whether you need space for plenty of kids, a fridge for stashing snacks, or a large patio for doing some stargazing at the end of a great day, you’ll find it all here.

4. It’s Perfect for Social Distancing

With COVID-19 and its variants continuing to cause restrictions and pose a health risk, travel looks different in 2021. Because it could be a while before things begin getting back to pre-pandemic normal, families will need to continue to seek options that allow them to stay safe and healthy while on vacation.

Southern Utah may be best known for Zion National Park. However, the region is teeming with other outdoor destinations. With several lesser-known state parks to choose from, it’s easy to find a place to hike, go off-roading or boating, or just to relax without the crowds of tourists.

With space to enjoy meals or simply unwind, a vacation rental is also a great alternative to a hotel for families looking for an extra safe and healthy basecamp option for their next trip.

5. Everyone Can Break Out of Their Comfort Zone

Outdoor adventures are a great chance to break out of your comfort zone and test your boundaries. Whether you have young kids taking their first hike or teens eager to try a new outdoor sport, pushing boundaries and trying new things as a family is a great way to bring you closer to one another. Plus, your kids can break free of their comfort zones in a safe environment, with you there to help guide them and encourage them.

Planning Your Family Adventure at The Dwellings

Whether you’re looking to reconnect with your teens or give your middle schooler their coolest vacation yet, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Southern Utah. Our tiny home rentals make it easy to bring your entire family along for your next vacation. A central location makes your rental the perfect basecamp for all of your outdoor adventures.

Book your stay with us today and start planning the ultimate family vacation!

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