7 Zion National Park Tips for Your First Visit

In 2019, Zion National Park once again held its spot as the fourth most-visited national park in the country. But while it may be a popular destination for international and domestic tourists alike, if you want to enjoy a safe, fun visit to the park, you’re going to want to do a bit of pre-planning. Keep reading to learn 7 tips to help you master your first visit to the park.   1. Plan Ahead Southern Utah offers plenty of destinations that are perfect for a last-minute weekend getaway. But for your first visit to Zion National Park, you’re going to want to plan ahead a bit more than that. There are plenty of reasons to plan far ahead for your first visit. To start, like most national parks, Zion is packed with hiking trails, overlooks, and other activities to enjoy. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to explore your options and choose the right trails for your group.  Zion National Park is unique from many parks in the way that visitors get around. For most of the year, you’ll need to hop on the shuttle in order to ride along Zion Canyon Scenic Drive. Because most of … Continue reading 7 Zion National Park Tips for Your First Visit